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Chiropractic Adjustment Traditional & Non-Force

Spinal adjustments restore normal mobility to each spinal segment (vertebra), allowing for improved posture, increasing flexibility, and alleviating nerve compression and irritation. We utilize a variety of adjustment procedures in our office, ranging from the traditional high velocity low amplitude adjustment technique, to gentle non-force techniques. Whether you like a traditional touch or a gentle one, we personalize our treatment to suit your comfort level.

Massage Therapy/Myofascial Release

(As a treatment modality) We treat conditions of the Musculo- (muscles) Skeletal (bones/joints) System. We find that it is extremely important to address imbalances and hyperactivity in the muscles and connective tissue. Therefore we utilize massage therapy and various specialized muscle release techniques to sooth and relax tight muscle spasms, and balance the body. Balancing and relaxing the muscles allows for a comfortable long lasting adjustment procedure. Massage is typically utilized as a treatment modality to the area of complaint, in each office visit.

Spinal Decompression

Due to the continuous compressive forces of gravity on our bodies, coupled with specific injury, or age related degeneration, there are conditions that arise that can be resolved with spinal decompression. In our clinic we utilized a table that not only produces decompression in a straight plane, but we are able to traction and decompress the spine coupled with side bending and rotation components. This procedure is a slow and controlled non-force technique that is extremely effective in resolving the painful symptoms, such as sciatica, that are related to disc protrusions, and degenerative disc disease.

Orthotic Evaluation/Fitting

We provide customized foot orthotics specific to you. Our philosophy is that the feet should be cast in a weight bearing (standing position). We utilize a state of the art digital foot scanner that digitally records the impression of your foot. This impression is then sent off to a lab where your custom orthotics are made. Orthotics can be helpful to resolve specific conditions of the feet such as plantar fascitis, however they can also improve conditions elsewhere in the body (i.e. knee, hip and back), by providing proper balance and support for your entire body and spine. Many people with chronic spinal and other joint pain report improvement with the implementation of Orthotic stabilizers.

Nutritional Counsel

In addition to the physical treatment that we provide in our office, we carry a variety of nutritional supplements that can aid and support your body’s health, from the inside out. Frequently, prescription medication as well as over the counter medication can have unwanted side effects. Many times there are nutritional supplements that can achieve similar results without unwanted side effects. We can provide you with supplements that can support many of today’s common ailments, such as: arthritis, muscle spasms, inflammation, osteoporosis, digestive disorders (heartburn/GERD), sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, immunity, and high cholesterol.

Physical Therapeutic Modalities

We utilize specialized equipment that assists us to heal your ailments at their source. Therefore we use various modalities such as, Ultrasound, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Diathermy, Mechanical Traction and Massage Therapy when treating our patients. Through years of clinical experience, we have found that addressing both the muscle components and the joint components of the body is the key to achieving fast and effective resolution of your pain. Depending on your specific problem we will use those modalities that are appropriate to aid in your recovery. The doctors will explain each modality and what it achieves prior to its use.

Sound (Vibroacoustic) Therapy

Our office offers vibroacoustic therapy with state of the art equipment that provides both sound waves and frequencies heard and processed through your ears, while simultaneously lying on an integrated bed that allows for these same sound waves to be felt physically through your body. The result is a blissful experience of hearing and feeling healing sounds. A three dimensional sound healing experience. Rid yourself of stress, anxiety, and tension, and bathe every cell in your body with the rejuvenating vibrations of sound.

Prescriptive Exercise

To allow you to maintain the maximum benefit from your treatment, we customize an exercise program specifically for you. This will consist of various stretching and strengthening exercises targeted towards your area of complaint.

X-Ray Facilities

For your convenience, we have X-ray facilities in our office. X-rays are only taken when the doctors feel it is necessary to diagnose and effectively treat your condition.



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