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After being a long time patient at Kemp Chiropractic, I moved to Encinitas (North San Diego County) in September 2005. After several tries at various Chiropractors in the San Diego area, I quickly found that no one was going to meet the bar established by Kemp Chiropractic Clinic. I find the focus on massage and physical therapy, not merely having an adjustment, to be unparalleled by other practitioners, so much so that I still make the drive back to Santa Barbara to visit Dr. (Daryl) Kemp.
Jeff, San Diego.
As a doctor in a busy dental practice, I frequently find myself having to physically hold positions for extended periods of time while treating my patients. Eventually, these repetitious postures have lead to various aches and pains in my back. Thanks to Dr. Kemp, these various posture related aches and pains are able to be resolved with comfortable effective procedures. Just as I recommend regular dental care, to my patients, I highly recommend Dr. Kemp for regular spinal care.
Dr. Steve, Santa Barbara
Seeking medical assistance from many doctors for my migraines proved unsuccessful and disheartening. Then I finally found Dr. Daryl! Thanks to his treatment for my cervical discomfort and headaches he was able to offer me relief in a way that no other doctor could before. And no medication necessary!
Lynn, Santa Barbara
I find myself putting off medical care because of the cost. At Dr. Kemp’s the flexible 0% financing allows me to get the care when I need it most. I am no longer waiting until I’m in so much pain that I have to miss work!
Anne, Santa Barbara
I struggle finding time to get away from my office. Kemp Chiropractic offers convenient lunch time and after 5 pm hours that are perfect for me. I can still put in a full day at work and take care of my health too.
John, Goleta
20 years ago, I was in a major car accident, suffering severe injury to my head and neck, requiring extensive facial and neurosurgery. More recently, I started experiencing extreme pain in my upper neck, making it difficult to function. Fearing that the pain might be related to my prior injuries, I consulted my neurosurgeon. After evaluating me, he reassured me that nothing neurologically was occurring, and recommended that I consult a Chiropractor in Santa Barbara, namely, Dr. Kemp. Having never been to a chiropractor, I was a little reluctant, however, Dr. Kemp was very effective in resolving my neck pain. Now, I recognize the beginning signs of when my neck is going out of alignment and I immediately call Dr. Kemp
Angie, Santa Ynez


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